Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday June 10th, 2020  7:00pm

Station 2 20909 S. State Route Y


The Western Cass Fire Protection District has served the citizens in and around Cleveland, MO since 1983. We encompass 16 square miles around Western Cass County and provide a multitude of services including fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency medical services and public education. We operate out of 2 fire stations. Headquarters is located at 5 Rogers Street in Cleveland, MO. It houses a pumper truck, tanker truck and a squad. Station 2 is located at 209 South State Route Y Belton, MO. It houses a ladder truck and a squad.

Our Command Staff oversees administration, operations, planning, budget and training.

The volunteers who make up the District Firefighters, Officers and Directors are a team of dedicated men and women who desire to serve others.

Firefighters undergo constant training. The training sessions we offer on Thursday evenings cover a wide range of topics that today’s Firs Responders may face.

If you would like to join our team, please contact us today.