Western Cass Fire Protection District

Minimum Qualifications / Job Description

 Fire Chief



Firefighter 1 & 2, Haz Mat Awareness and Operations, Nationally Registered EMT or Paramedic, Fire Officer 1, Fire Instructor 1, recently held, or is holding the position of Battalion Chief with 2 years experience at a paid career department.

Experience with Volunteer Fire Service preferred .

College Degree in related Public Safety curriculum preferred.


The Fire Chief is responsible for organization and direction of the Volunteer Fire Department in order to ensure that loss of life, property or injury as a result of fire or medical emergency is prevented and/or minimized.


The Fire Chief reports to the Board of Directors (5 members). He/she is responsible for directing the daily activities of the Fire Department and is the sole authority and command at the scene of a fire. The Fire Chief is responsible for directing all volunteer fire fighters and ensuring that fire fighters have adequate training. The Fire Chief is also responsible for ensuring that firefighting equipment is monitored on a regular basis and is in good working order. He/she will develop all policies and procedures concerning fire fighting in accordance with the municipal, state and federal legislation and policies and in accordance with the Office of the Fire Marshall. Failure to provide adequate services will endanger the safety of residents and may result in unnecessary injury, loss of life or damage or destruction of property as a result of fire or medical emergency.


Develop, review and implement all fire fighting policies, procedures and SOGs in accordance with the municipal, state and federal legislations.

Recruit, train and direct the activities of volunteer fire fighters in order to ensure that trained fire fighters are available in the event of a fire or medical emergency. Ensure a high level of morale amongst the firefighters. Evaluate the performance of firefighters annually. Mentor and direct firefighters and junior officers towards self-improvement. Administer progressive discipline as outlined in the Employee Manual.

Inspect firefighting equipment in order to ensure appropriate equipment is available as required. This includes apparatus, tools, structural PPE, radios and other equipment. Ensure that all equipment can pass testing and recertification requirements as set by the industry and/or manufacturer. Develop preventative maintenance and replacement schedules for apparatus and equipment.

Develop and monitor the Fire District’s budget. Prepare reports on District activities for the month and year.Make recommendations to the Board regarding advances in the industry.



The Chief must demonstrate the following skills:

Leadership skills including the ability to take full command at the scene of a fire

Analytical and problem solving skills

Decision making skills

Negotiations skills

Effective verbal and listening communications skills

Ability to deal effectively with people in difficult situations

Effective written communications skills including the ability to prepare reports

Effective public relations and public speaking skills

Research and program development skills

Stress management skills

Time management skills

Personal Attributes

The Chief must demonstrate the following personal attributes:

Maintain standards of conduct

Be respectful

Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity

Be flexible

Demonstrate sound work ethics

Be consistent and fair

The Fire Chief would normally attain the required knowledge, skills and attitudes through fire fighting training, fire officer training and combined with several years of related fire fighting and supervisory experience in emergency and command and control situations.

The Chief must possess a valid MO or KS Driver’s License and have completed a background check prior to appointment.

 Physical Demands

While the majority of the Chief’s duties are purely administrative, there may be times when the Chief may be involved in physically draining and exhausting activities. These may include taking command of an incident, participating in emergency response situations and being involved in physically dangerous situations. The Fire Chief may have to carry out the duties of firefighter or engineer due to the volunteer nature of the District.

Environmental Conditions

The Fire Chief will have to manage a number of people and projects at one time, and may be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of residents or firefighters. The Fire Chief will be exposed to environments that are dangerous, busy and noisy and will need excellent organizational and time and stress management skills to complete the required tasks.

Mental Demands

Very high levels of mental and emotional stress will be caused by the requirement to fight fires in an effective manner, the requirement to maintain absolute control in dangerous and hectic situations and by the possibility of loss of life, injury and property.


The Chief may choose to select candidates to fulfill the position of Deputy Chief. This individual will assist the Chief in programs and tasks as deemed by the Chief. Candidates will be presented to the Board for final approval. These two Chief positions will determine the eligibility of the firefighters to become promoted through the ranks.


The WCFPD protects approximately 16 square miles of west central Cass County. It is very rural with a majority of it farm-ag. The city of Cleveland, MO is within the boundaries of the district. The district operates out of 2 stations. One station is currently setup for resident firefighters while the other is for 24-hour shift work. The district operates 3 engines, 1 ladder, 1 tanker, 2 brush/squads. The district currently has 12 volunteers that are a combination of first responder, EMT basic, FF 1&2. The district responds to approximately 300 calls per year. An ALS transport ambulance comes from a neighboring fire department (Belton, MO FD).

The WCFPD’s budget is prepared annually by the Fire Chief. The 5 member Board of Directors adopts the budget and has the responsibility of managing taxpayer funds that follows best practices for the industry.

The budget is derived from taxes imposed upon residents of the district. The Board sets the levy each year based on figures from the county.

2019                        Annual Budget $197,335.00

2020                        Annual Budget $204,452.00


The current budget for the WCFPD allows for a stipend pay range of $700-$1,000 per month based on experience.  The District provides uniforms, subscriptions and other items as deemed by the Board. The Chief is allowed to set their own hours, but is expected to be approximately 15 hours per week and participate in monthly Board meetings, firefighter training and other activities on a regularly set basis. The Board of Directors desires a 3 year contract that is renewable based upon annual performance evaluations.

To apply:  Send a current resume and brief cover letter to: hello@westerncassfire.org